Day of Defeat 1.3 Realism Unit
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 Easy Company Roster

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Linderman [2nd MRB]
First Lieutenant
First Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Easy Company Roster   Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:52 pm

Company E "Easy"

Command Staff
Commanding Officer - 1Lt. Z. Linderman
Executive Officer - Sgt.Maj. A. Wyman
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer - MGSgt. <OPEN>
First Platoon Leader - FSgt. <OPEN>

Military Police
Head Policeman - Sgt. C. Mellone -MP-
Policeman - Pvt. J. Foster -MPIT-
Police Cadet - Cpl. C. Ladas -MPCA-
Police Cadet - PFC J. Hoang -MPCA-

Company Clerks
Head Clerk - Pvt. H. Olson
Clerk - <OPEN>

Intelligence Department
Head of Intelligence - SSgt. K. Moor
Intelligence Officer - Cpl. J. Mack

First Platoon
Platoon Leader - FSgt. <OPEN>
Platoon Sergeant - SSgt. K. Moor

Squad 1-1
Squad Leader - Sgt. C. Mellone -MP-
Squad Asst. Leader - Cpl. C. Ladas -MPCA-
Member - LCpl. S. Woods
Member - PFC. J. Haong -MPCA-
Member - PFC. <OPEN>
Member - PFC. <OPEN>
Member - Pvt. A. Black
Member - Pvt. J. Foster -MPIT-
Member - Pvt. J. Branner
Member - Pvt. R. Tran

Squad 2-1
Squad Leader - Cpl. J. Mack
Squad Asst. Leader - <OPEN>
Member - LCpl. <OPEN>
Member - PFC. <OPEN>
Member - PFC. <OPEN>
Member - PFC. <OPEN>
Member - Pvt. R. Villalta
Member - Pvt. H. Padilla
Member - Pvt. R. Lever
Member - Pvt. M. Taurisani

Squad 3-1
Squad Leader - Sgt. <OPEN>
Squad Asst. Leader - Cpl. <OPEN>
Member - LCpl. <OPEN>
Member - PFC. <OPEN>
Member - PFC. <OPEN>
Member - PFC. <OPEN>
Member - Pvt. T. Merritt
Member - Pvt. T. Defeis
Member - Pvt. D. Alt
Member - Pvt. C. Green

Pvt. H. Olson

BCT Class 004
Rec. T. Nicoll

Battalion Totals
22 Marines

First Lieutenant Zach J. Linderman
Commanding Officer
Command Staff
Easy Company
2nd Marine Raider Battalion
5th Marine Regiment
1st Marine Division

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Easy Company Roster
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