Day of Defeat 1.3 Realism Unit
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 Application Papers

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Linderman [2nd MRB]
First Lieutenant
First Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Application Papers   Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:47 pm

Thank you for choosing The 2nd Marine Raider Battalion! Please copy and paste the code below into a new topic named: Application: Last-name
Example: Application: Linderman

[b]General Information[/b]
Date of Birth:
Working Microphone:
Day of Defeat Experience:
Realism Experience:

[b]Contact Information[/b]
Email Address:

[b]Past Realism Experience
(If you answered yes above)[/b]
Past Unit Names:
Past Unit Commanding Officers:
Past Unit C/O Contact Information:

I hereby sign these papers to certify that I will serve the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion under the command of 1Lt.. Z. Linderman, be respectful and loyal to all members, and follow all orders given.

XSign Here
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Application Papers
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